No more snow days

Emily Shumaker, Sports Editor

In elementary and middle school, when the snowfall became too much, the students were allowed to go home and take a rest day. We would spend all afternoon having snowball fights and enjoying the unexpected day off with our friends. There was no assignments tab waiting on our computers to be completed with a big blue “TURN IN” button or a meeting that we needed to attend every hour. Snow days were some of my best memories at school, and now they are known as NTI days.

Non-traditional instruction days (NTI days) give students the ability to still have class lessons and complete assignment’s when there is bad weather or any other inconvenience. Apps such as Teams and Microsoft office are used to complete classes online, and some schools even use these apps to complete entire an entire semester or year of school. Although it is a big step in education, it takes away the beloved snow days from younger generations that will never get the chance to experience them. Although there can still technically be “snow days,” students will not be exempt from school work on these days and will still need to check into classes.

Say goodbye to snowball fights and hello to the computer screen!