Tilghman’s Academic Team Places Second in the District Governor’s Cup Competition


Mr. Knight

Paducah Tilghman Academic Team

Renee Chua

The Paducah Tilghman Academic Team is the runner up for the district Governor’s Cup tournament. The event took place on Jan. 18, and was hosted by Tilghman. The three high schools that participated were Tilghman, McCracken and St. Mary.

Governor’s Cup consists of team events and individual events. The two team events are quick recall and future problem solving (FPS). The individual events are composed of five subject tests and written composition. The five areas tested are arts and humanities, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.

Many of Tilghman’s students have moved on to the regional competition based on their remarkable performance. The quick recall team placed second and includes Paige Kight (12), Gus Page (11), Leon dos Remedios (11), Keaton Houseman (10) and Eli Collinsworth (10). The FPS team also came in second. Page and dos Remedios placed third and fourth, respectively, in mathematics. Kight placed third and Nathaniel Skinner (11) placed fifth in the science test. Collinsworth placed fourth in social studies. Kennedy Garrat (12) placed fourth and Elena Adkins (10) placed fifth in language arts. Kight also placed 2nd in arts and humanities. Finally, Kate Bidwell (11) placed first, Nathaniel Skinner placed third and Brooke Larimer placed fourth in written composition.

Good luck to these students as they prepare for the regional competition that will be hosted by McCracken County High School on Feb. 14!