Basketball Team Sets the Mood for Homecoming with a Win over Marshall


Allison Steig

Homecoming Student Section at the Tilghman vs. Marshall Game

Fiona Caywood, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Tilghman had quite the victorious win over Marshall County High School on Friday, Jan. 28. The final score of 57-43 set the mood for students as they made their way from the gym to the cafeteria for the homecoming dance. Marshall put up a strong fight and was able to keep up with Tilghman for the most part during the first three quarters, but the Tornado left the Marshals in the dust as they pulled away with a 14-point lead in the final quarter.

This game had everyone on the edges of their seats, but our Tilghman Tornado was able to keep their composure and continue make some very impressive buckets. The most impressive performances came from Warren (22 points), Shaw (11 points), Powell (11 points), Fitzgerald (6 points), Arthur (5 points) and Bradley (2 points).

At the end of the first quarter, Marshall held a 1-point lead over Tilghman with a score of 11-10. Tilghman quickly recovered at the beginning of the second quarter with help from Shaw. Marshall, however, was able to quickly pull away, leading Tilghman 22-19 at halftime.

Tilghman was able to shorten Marshalls’ lead to one point at the beginning of the third quarter but continued to fight back and forth with Marshall for the lead. Tilghman and Marshall battled it out on the court, trading baskets back and forth. Tilghman was able to end the quarter with a 1-point lead over Marshall with a score of 35-34.

The final quarter of the game was dominated by the Tilghman Tornado. One might debate this was because of the incredible support from the homecoming crowd in the student section, or simply the raw and unmatched talent of Tilghman’s players. Regardless, Tilghman’s boys showed out in the final quarter, out-scoring Marshall 22-9 in the final eight minutes of the game, putting the score at 57-43. Warren stole the show in these final minutes, scoring 12 of the 22 point that put them in the lead.