STUDENT COMMENTARY: Why Should Climate Change Affect Me?

Aneeza Ali, Newswriter

Are you tired of waking up on Christmas Day to no snow and 70-degree weather? Or walking outside in the middle of February to three inches of snow? It’s hard to even plan out an outfit around the interchangeable weather. Since elementary school we were taught that in December it snows, and in the spring the flowers bloom. This process seems to be changing as climate change in 2021 was chaos. If you wish to reverse this process, I suggest you keep on reading to educate yourself on what we as humans can do to change the environment.

Climate Change is caused by greenhouse gasses that we pump into the air. There are two main types, CO2 which is released when we burn fuel in cars, factories and other means of transportation and methane, this is released from solid waste and agriculture. While the U.S. has been struggling in this ordeal, many other countries have begun to reduce their climate emissions.

Forty-one countries including Germany and the U.K. have been reducing their emissions. Although this reduction is too little, it is possible to reduce emissions while continuing to grow the economy by increased demand in wind and solar power. The price of these utilities has decreased over the decade and efficient lighting will help reduce emissions.

It is important to help fund our researchers in reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses. In 2022 we should advocate for the better research and opportunities to reverse this dangerous cycle. It would finally feel normal to wake up to snow on Christmas Day and warm skies in the spring. After all, the seasons are supposed to remain the same… right?