Kansas City continues to playoffs


Emily Shumaker, Sports Editor

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen both showcased their skills on Sunday night in an insane AFC divisional round clash in the NFL playoffs.

The game started off tied in the first quarter 7-7, and the score continued to stay close until the Chiefs eventually pulled through with the win. The game took a turn in the third quarter when the Bills were up for their first time of the night. This lead did not last long when KC scored another touchdown, making the score 29-26. Both quarterbacks continued to move the ball around and score throughout the night, keeping both teams on their toes. With 13 seconds left and the Bills up 36-33, the Chiefs attempted one last time to tie the game and accomplished just that by making a field goal.

The Kansas City Chiefs won the coin toss in overtime and Josh Allen didn’t step onto the field for the rest of the game. Kansas City continued to push until they eventually scored and won an unforgettable game. The final score was 42-36, allowing Kansa City to continue with the playoffs.