McCracken County Humane Society Healing Broken Hearts This V-Day

Fiona Caywood, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Do you have an ex that you would love to see smothered in dirty cat litter? Well, this dream can come true this Valentine’s Day with the help of the McCracken County Human Society! From now until Feb. 14, the McCracken County Humane Society can help you get back at your ex anonymously.

The McCracken County Humane Society is accepting $5 donations in return for writing your ex’s name in the bottom of a cat litter box. After Valentine’s Day, they will disperse these litter boxes and, as the humane society puts it, “let the kitties work their magic.”

If you are feeling extra gracious this Valentine’s Day, you can make other donations, such as towels, blankets, dry dog and puppy food, dog and cat toys, kitty litter, paper towels, hand sanitizer and disinfectant sprays. They also accept larger financial donations that go towards providing food, litter, microchips and medical care for dogs and cats. They also are always looking for volunteers to come help out.

So, whether you have an ex that deserves this brutal retribution, or simply have a special spot in your heart for pets in need, make a contribution to the McCracken County Humane Society and feel good about yourself this Valentine’s Day. For more information about how to make donations or volunteer, you can visit their website: