What is WORDLE?

Grace Mabry

WORDLE is an online game that has become a new internet obsession. It is a competitive word game where the primary goal is to guess the word of the day. Every day the website has a new word for you to guess and everyone gets the same word. Since there is only one word per day people have to be careful to not ruin the daily puzzle for others. It gives you six guesses to figure out the word of the day. It is arranged in a grid with five boxes across and six boxes down. With every guess, the boxes will change to gray, green, or yellow to show how close you got; gray means the letter is not in the puzzle, green means that the letter is in the puzzle and in the correct spot, and yellow means that the letter is in the puzzle but just in the wrong spot. If you guess the word of the day correctly, you can post a grid to your social media showing how you did the puzzle and how many attempts it took you. WORDLE is overall very entertaining and a great way to expand your vocabulary.