HBO Max tops sales with ‘Euphoria’

Aneeza Ali, Newswriter

The wait for “Euphoria” season two is finally over. Fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting for the release of the new season. After two years, the audience cannot be more excited to see a whole new season play into action. As we all must know, famous actor Zendaya plays a key role in the show, playing the character Rue. The long delay for a new season was due to the pandemic. Those who have begun to watch the new season know that this one is not here to play.

This TV show dives into the reality of a group of teenagers who battle drugs, social media and relationships in a high school environment. It also touches on the sensitive topics of suicide and mental illness and how hard it is to draw a line between what makes you the best person. So far, five episodes have been released. Without leaving any spoilers, this season is much darker, raising different conversations.

The platform that we all know of, TikTok, has been flooded with makeup tutorials and conspiracy theories about this show. “Euphoria” is also very known for its makeup looks. Each character has a different way of self-expression using colorful eyeshadow and glitter tears. It has boosted sales in certain makeup products and facial gems that many teenagers now wear. There are “Euphoria”-themed basketball games and “Euphoria”-themed birthday parties where teenagers wear glittery outfits and winged eyeliner. On TikTok’s trending list are the multiple conspiracy theories, anticipating and guessing what will happen next on the new episode.

This series is best known for bringing all audiences together. Many teenagers may even be able to relate to the dark topics that appear on this show. It touches on a series of problems that help teenagers use their voices. It empathizes with an array of diverse audiences talking about the topics of feeling left out and partying. This is what makes the show so popular, the viewers feel understood and heard. It is addicting to know that you may relate to it.

I highly recommend watching this show, past the gruesome and unwatchable scenes. It has its own meaning, making us sympathize with the characters or hate the ones that may be seen as manipulative. Regardless, “Euphoria” has boosted HBOMax sales as it is the main reason why people use this platform. If you’re willing to pay a $10 subscription, this is the show to watch.