The 2022 NFL Pro Bowl

NFL Pro Bowl

Jack Butts Jr., Sports Editor

This past Saturday was the NFL Pro Bowl and consisted of the top talent of the AFC and NFC. The competition began on Friday with a skills showdown. The challenges consist of best catch, fastest player, precession passing, and the players’ favorite game. dodgeball. Brothers Stefon Diggs and Trevon Diggs competed against each other in the competitions and in the game and most fans would consider the two brothers to be one of the best wide receiver and corner duos in the NFL at the moment. Trevon Diggs won the best catch challenge and showed off his all-around skill considering his is a defense player but had the most interceptions in the league this year out of any defense player and position. The Pro Bowl consists of the top players from the league and these brothers put on a show to exemplify their skills.

The 2022 Pro Bowl also suffered a large decrease in viewership this year and had the lowest number of viewers since 2008, due in large part to the new approach to the game. The game is mostly now two-hand touch and only a few players actually had a real tackle. The NFL and many players have faced backlash because of this new approach to the game and many people think change needs to occur. All time NFL great Dion Sanders said that he is disappointed in the lack of effort in the players. JJ Watt, one of the greatest defensive ends to play the game, is also disappointed in the lack of players in the Pro Bowl. Players who are playing in the Super Bowl tend to opt out of the Pro Bowl for safety reasons and to avoid injury but many star players who are selected to play in the game have recently started to decline and not participate at all.

Overall, many NFL fans and players are calling for a new format for the Pro Bowl to help increase viewership and marketing for the top players in the league to play. The NFL is one of the biggest leagues and most viewed sports organization in the world and needs change for such a special event like the Pro Bowl to keeps its reputation.