STUDENT COMMENTARY: Ways to Manage Anxiety

Grace Mabry

Anxiety is a very common feeling. This feeling is especially common among high schoolers. School can sometimes cause a lot of stress and anxiety, fortunately, there are things that help with managing your anxiety and people who are there to help you as well.

A good way to calm yourself down when you are starting to feel anxious is to focus on your breathing. This allows you to slow your breathing and heart rate down. If you slowly take deep breathes in through your nose and exhale with your mouth it sends a message to your brain that causes you to relax.

Developing a routine and taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do to reduce anxiety. Exercising regularly and eating healthier makes you feel better physically and mentally. Eating Carbohydrates such as bread increases serotonin production in the brain which causes you to feel calmer. Drinking chamomile tea also will also calm you down since it has some of the same effects as an anti-anxiety medication.

Having people to talk to is wonderful for managing anxiety. Going to therapy to work through the struggles you face with anxiety is a great option. Paducah Tilghman wants to see you succeed and wants to provide the resources and tools for you to do that; our guidance counselors are here to help and listen to what you need to talk about. Finding someone to talk to about your anxiety, whether it’s a teacher, a therapist, a guidance counselor, or a parent, can help you uncover the root of your nervousness and worries. This is an opportunity to grow and develop better coping mechanisms for the future taking