Fun Treats to Make for Valentine’s Day


Renee Chua

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! In order to make make new memories and remember the special day, there are many treats that you can make. These homemade treats are perfect gifts to share with family and friends.

Rice Krispies treats are a classic snack, but in order to make them festive for the holiday, you can dye them pink or red and shape them into hearts. In order to make them, melt butter in a pot and add marshmallows. Once the butter and marshmallows are melted, the cereal can be poured into the pot. After this, mix everything together until it is evenly combined. Then, place the mixture into a pan and wait for it to cool. Once the sweet treat is cooled, take a heart-shaped cookie cutter and cut out the shapes. In the end, you have a cute, heart-shaped treat to enjoy.

Another easy treat that can be made is heart-shaped chocolate covered pretzels. Since classic pretzels already resemble a heart, this sweet and salty dessert takes little time to make. Put the melting chocolate into a microwave-safe bowl and slowly heat it up until it has a smooth consistency. Then, simply dip half of the pretzel in the chocolate and decorate it with anything you desire. Common toppings include sprinkles and M&Ms. The final step is to eat and share your creation!