Emily Shumaker, Sports Editor

Everybody knows about the feud currently going on between Kim Kardashian, her ex-husband, Kanye West, and Pete Davidson. Over the past few days, Kanye’s Instagram has been filled with leaked text messages, threats and slander towards Pete, along with posts attempting to win Kim back for good. Unfortunately for Kanye, while he has been busy posting about his ex-wife, Pete has actually been with her. It seems like the Pete slander and drama that has come along with it has actually brought the new couple even closer together.

Some of the leaked text messages from Kanye’s Instagram account showed Kim telling Kanye to not let anything happen to him. Kim said, “U are creating a dangerous and scary environment, and someone will hurt Pete, and this will all be your fault.” It is not looking too good for Kanye, considering the girl he wants is messaging him about keeping her new man safe.

Kim has chosen to be the bigger person in the situation by ignoring the drama and attempting to keep the situation private, but it doesn’t seem like Kanye agrees with that decision. Who knows what will happen next with this love triangle, maybe Kanye and Kim do end up back together? Just look to Kanye’s Instagram for anymore updates on the situation but be careful, he only keeps up the posts for a couple hours each.