STUDENT COMMENTARY: Winter Olympics 2022

STUDENT COMMENTARY: Winter Olympics 2022

Jane Taylor

The Winter Olympics first started in 1924, after being added to the summer Olympic games. The Winter  Olympics consist of many events such as curling, speed skating and bobsleigh. Although these games are not as popular as the Summer Olympic games, they seem much more difficult to me, but mainly because you are in the cold weather most of the time.

My favorite events to watch are figure skating and snowboarding. Figure skating seems like the hardest event to compete in, but to also be extremely skilled at. If you’ve ever skated on ice before you probably know how long it takes to pick up.

Hockey players also have to learn how to skate really well too, so I have respect for them also. Snowboarding is intriguing to me because of the insane flips and turns snowboarders have to perfect. Not only that, but they must learn how to accomplish these tricks in the air and land them on the 40 degree slope below their boards.

Henry Stratemeyer (10) said his favorite Olympic sport is shuffling because it is so stupid. “It’s so stupid that shuffling is an Olympic sport. It’s a rock sliding on ice. Some people train for decades to figure skate, but these people train to slide rocks on ice.”

The Winter Olympics take place in Bejing, China this year. Everyone at the Olympics wears masks, even in the outdoor weather, to continue this amazing tradition and keep everyone safe.