A Day in the Life of Ms. Sprouse

A Day in the Life of Ms. Sprouse

Ashlyn Story

Have you ever wondered what the lives of your teachers are really like? There’s always been the rumor that teachers live at school, or that they spend all their free time grading papers. Students especially tend to wonder about their favorite teachers and how they truly spend their days. This week’s focus is on Ms. Sprouse, Tilghman’s chemistry teacher.

Ms. Sprouse wakes up every morning bright and early at 4 a.m. to the sound of her blaring alarm. She struggles to get out of bed after sleeping for only two short hours. She gets very little sleep every night ever since she launched the investigation to figure out who stole her apple, dedicating her free time to solving the mystery (rumor has it, she’s very close). After forcing herself to get up and make her coffee, she catches up with the news and swears she reads the “Encyclopedia of Chemistry” while balancing chemical equations for fun. Once it’s time to start getting ready, she picks out her cardigan of the day, always testing it to make sure that it will fly out behind her when she hits her fast walk later on.

While driving to work, she blasts queen Taylor Swift, only able to think about how excited she is to see all her favorite students. When she arrives, she prepares for the bell to ring at exactly 7:15 a.m., when her first hour students will file into her classroom, beginning her workday. At lunch time, she goes to visit her teacher friends around the building after eating her favorite lunch, an apple. Later in the day, during her seventh hour planning, she enjoys sitting in peace and quiet with no one in her room, which is when she becomes very productive, quickly marking tasks off her to-do list.

After work, she heads home to her favorite friend, Burt Macklin Boyd. She often takes him for walks when the weather is nice. She makes plans with her girlfriends for later in the night while patiently waiting for her fiancé to make her favorite dinner (he’s like, a really good chef, or whatever). After nice quality time over dinner, she heads out for a night on the town, where she often accidentally runs into her students (she secretly enjoys it). After a fun night with her friends, she goes home.

Upon arriving home, she sits down to make lesson plans, grade papers, and respond to (almost) all her Teams messages of her students asking her questions. Her last task of the night is to return to work on solving the open case of who stole her apple. She falls asleep around 2 a.m. and does it all again two hours later.