PTHS is Now Mask Free

Jack Butts, Sports Editor

Starting March 2, 2022, Paducah Tilghman High School will no longer be requiring students and faculty to wear a mask. The mask mandate has been in place for almost two years, and many students are excited for the mandate to be lifted.

Ever since the pandemic began PTHS has been very COVID-19 safe and has played a large part in keeping the community safe. Only briefly this year in October the mandate was lifted but was quickly placed back after a spike occurred after fall break due to the Delta variant. But things have been calming down and more people are becoming vaccinated and keeping other safe. The state of Kentucky is over 65 percent fully vaccinated and cases have been dropping weekly, which is allowing the mask mandate to be lifted.

Students are very excited about this new news and hopefully the lifting of the mask stays permanent. Since COVID-19 cases have been dropping, more students have been able to attend more activities including basketball games and other practices which is growing school spirit. Students and faculty are now able to see faces that may not have seen before the pandemic hit.