‘Euphoria’ Season Finale Leaves Viewers Wanting More

Lily Holm


After many delays due to COVID and various other reasons, season two of the Emmy award-winning HBO series ‘Euphoria’ finally began airing in January. The first season aired in June of 2019, followed by two special episodes in January of 2021. Following the season finale, the show’s Instagram page officially announced the renewal for a third season. Euphoria is HBO’s second most watched show following ‘Game of Thrones.’

The hour-long season finale wrapped up several loose ends while leaving many questions left unanswered. Lexi’s play sparked an outburst from Cassie leading Maddy on a cat-and-mouse chase through the school to give Cassie what she deserved. Though there was no reconciliation between the pair, Maddy warned Cassie that this was “only the beginning” of Nate’s relationship habits. In between scenes of the play, Nate confronts his father, Cal, with a flash drive of every incriminating video. When he tries to apologize, Nate says he only wants revenge just as the police lights flash in the windows to arrest Cal.

Cal isn’t the only character to rendezvous with the police, in flashes of nail-biting scenes, Faye tries to warn Fez and Ash of Custer’s police partnership but Ash proceeds to kill him. Following a police shootout, Ash is shot by the police and Fez, who was shot by one of Ash’s stray bullets, was led away in handcuffs. Because of the disaster of a play and the absence of Fez, Lexi is in low spirits but continues on after a crowd chant started by Rue.

Despite her emotional season, Rue is in the best shape during the finale. She has been clean and stays clean for the rest of the school year and reconciles with Lexi and Elliot following a full-length song from Elliot. Kat’s ex-boyfriend, Ethan, provides plenty of comic relief through his portrayal of many characters in the play.

There are still many questions left for season three to answer, like how will Rue resolve her situation with Laurie? Will Rue stay clean? Will Lexi ever get to read what was in Fez’s letter? How will Lexi react to Fez’s arrest? Will Cal finally receive punishment? What happened to Cal’s high school lover, Derek? Will they address Nate’s mystery brother? Will Maddy and Cassie reconcile? Will Maddy learn about Samantha’s secret camera? Will Rue learn of Elliot and Jule’s secret hookup?

Hopefully season three will be released in a timelier manner to answer these questions for the massive fan base the show has accumulated.