STUDENT COMMENTARY: What to Do Before Moving into College

Emily Shumaker, Sports Editor

  1. Finish all of the paperwork for that college. This includes the housing application, financial aid, medical forms, class registration and FAFSA. While filling out the paperwork there are a lot of important decisions that need to be made such as if you want to live on campus or not. The paperwork also finalizes that you are going to that college and lets you know everything you need to know before officially moving to campus.
  1. Prepare your personal life. Whether your college is three hours away or just 30 minutes, there is lots to be done to make sure you are ready to start a new chapter in your life. Check and then double-check that you have all of your financial documents and insurance prepared before you leave. If you don’t already have a credit card, consider getting one with a secure company. Also decide if you want to drive your car to college, and if not, what kind of transportation will you use once you arrive.
  1. Get in touch with your roommate. Moving to college all by yourself can be scary and overwhelming. Having a roommate gives you the chance to meet new people as soon as you get to school and split the housing cost in half. Although not everyone will decide on having a roommate, the ones who do need to get in contact with them as soon as possible. By contacting your roommate, you are able to decide who is getting what for the dorm and get a chance to speak to them before living with them all year.
  1. Plan for the actual move. Most colleges have a designated move-in day for oncoming students. Knowing this date is very important. Moving into your college on the right day assures that you get your schedule in time and don’t miss orientation. Also knowing how you plan to move into college and making sure you have met all of the requirements will make move in day a loss less stressful.