STUDENT COMMENTARY: What the Music You Listen to While Working Out Says About You

Liliauna Nichols

The type of music you listen to while working out definitely effects your workout. Some people listen to sad, rock, rap, and then some people don’t listen to music at all. I’m not sure how people don’t listen to music, but I know some people who don’t. In my opinion, the type of music I listen to depends on the type of workout I want to have. If I want to have an intense workout, I’ll listen to sad music. If I want to have a laid back, chill workout, I’ll listen to rap.

The type of music you listen to definitely says a lot about you. In my opinion, if you listen to rock while working out, you’re a bodybuilder or want to be one. You are there to get stuff done and you’re extremely strong. If you listen to rap, you’re a regular at the gym. You know what all the equipment is and you’re there to work out and get stuff done. If you listen to sad music, you do not want to be bothered and you’re just there for a good pump. If you listen to country, what are you doing? Lastly, if you don’t listen to any music while working out, you’re insane. Avoid these people.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to ask some of my friends and classmates what type of music they listen to while working out.

Senior Paul McKnight listens to heavy metal while working out. He said, “This pushes me to get that PR.”

Next, I asked senior Sidney Long, who said she listens to rap.

Lastly, I asked junior Jack Butts who said that he listens to 21, lil baby, and yachty, better known as rap. In conclusion, this is what the type of music you listen to while working out says about you.