Celebrating Black History

Maliyah Jones

On Feb. 25, Mrs. Burrus and the African American Leadership Club (AALC) held PT’s black history month program. This was a celebration of black culture, its accomplishments, and how far black people have come as a race, despite many hardships. This program gave African-American students a chance to step out of their comfort zones, have some fun, showcase their wonderful talents, and honor their culture all at the same time. 

There were performances from AALC members, students and staff from several schools in the area, along with several community groups and members. Performances ranged from monologues, singing, dancing to spoken word. Altogether these performances showed the audience what black history truly is and means. The program had an amazing turn out and truly encompassed what black history is all about. The whole community came out to have fun and celebrate the richness of black history. 

AALC president, Savannah Caldwell, said, “It turned out better than I expected, and I’m glad no one gave up or was too nervous to perform. One of my favorite performances was the hip-hop over the decades dance. Overall, it was a smooth running program and I cant wait to see what’s in store for the years to come.”

If anyone missed this amazing program it is free to watch on Paducah Public School’s YouTube channel.