STUDENT COMMENTARY: Human Dependency on Power

Jane Taylor

Our society in 2022 is incredibly dependent on electronic devices and communication.

During this time of the Russian and Ukrainian war, what would we do if all of our power and energy was suddenly shut off because of the start of a war in America? For me, life would be incredibly different because of my schedule I am accustomed to. When I wake up in the morning, I check my phone or my school computer to see what my plans are like for that day.

If you’re anything like me, you would probably check Snapchat to reply to your closest friends and any crushes. I also like to play music on my speaker through Apple Music. If the power was shut off though, none of these things like Snapchat, Apple Music or Spotify would be accessible.

Most people these days carry a debit or credit card with them to pay for simple things like a grocery trip or gas money, but with the power gone you would have to carry cash around everywhere you went. The common ATM wouldn’t be in use either, so you would have to make a trip to your local bank just to get cash.

At school these past few years, we especially use our electronics to do our school work. The teachers at Tilghman frequently use their devices to record meetings, email other teachers and help out students through Teams messaging. Students and teachers would have to use different resources as a result of no power. We would handwrite all of our work, and no printers in the building would cause making papers and grading papers difficult. Mrs. Wyant, in the library, would become extremely helpful to all students to find any knowledge in books we may need to use for essays or schoolwork.

The society we have in here in small-town Paducah would make many realize that this is how lots of people across the globe live like everyday. If this were to ever happen to our country or community, I feel like lots of Americans would not be prepared for what is coming because of the world’s new dependencies we have created for ourselves.