STUDENT COMMENTARY: Spring 2022 Fashion Trends You Need in Your Closet

As with the beginning of any new season, this spring is welcoming new and exciting fashion trends. Some of these styles are being revived from previous decades, and some are unlike anything the fashion world has seen before. Here is what you need in your closest to keep up with the spring 2022 trends.

The first thing you will need is a miniskirt. Miniskirts are becoming more and more popular and are frequently seen being worn by fashion influencers. Patterned miniskirts are all the rage on the runway, but if you are someone who likes to keep thing simple, neutral colored skirt and tennis skirts are also becoming increasingly popular. Miniskirts are commonly paired with tank tops or other form-fitting shirts. While the weather is still a little bit cold, you can pair a miniskirt with a cropped sweatshirt or a tank-top and a jacket.

The next thing you will need is plenty of tank tops. Not only are these tops perfect for hot spring and summer weather, but they are also an easy trending style that everyone can pull off. A way to spice up this style is by getting halter top. Halter tops are coming back in style in a very unique way. Many halter tops are made so they can be worn several different ways. You can crisscross, loop, or wear it normal. These types of tops are great for the upcoming weather because they will keep you cool and give you a variety of styles to add to your outfits.

Another style that everyone is wearing is crochet-knit tops and skirts. For spring, crochet tank tops will be most common, but no matter which article of clothing you buy it in, you will be up to date with the trend. This trend easily adds a creative and unique touch to any outfit. An added bonus is that you can save money on clothes by learning how to crochet these tops yourself. Videos on TikTok and Instagram have gone viral of girls crocheting everything from shirts, skirts, bikinis, and entire 2-piece outfit sets. A quick YouTube tutorial and some yarn can save you big money as this trend becomes more and more popular.

The next few things you will need are some accessories. Platform shoes started to revive this past winter in the form of boots and converse, but now as the weather is getting warmer, they style has shifted towards sandals. Another accessory that is very popular is oversized sunglasses. These became very popular in the 2000s, but now are back in a more modern style. Big sunglasses can provide you with a fashionable way to protect your eye and face from the intense spring and summer UV rays. You will also need plenty of jewelry you can layer. Jewelry has always been an important part of every outfit, but now, your outfit is not complete without it.