2022 College Spring Breaking Takes a turn for the Worst

Madison Patel

As high school students are finishing out their third quarter of the school year and getting ready for spring break, college students have already had their run. Many high school families in our area tend to travel to Panama City Beach or Miami to get their fix of the beach. However, college students, this year especially, have been attracted to Fort Lauderdale and Miami. These destinations are known to have bad drug-related incidents and high human trafficking rates. These reputations have been more prominent than ever in these college students’ spring breaks this year.

One of the most tragic incidents involved six football players from West Point Academy overdosing on fentanyl-laced cocaine in Fort Lauderdale. Four of these students had taken the drug and went into cardiac arrest while the other two were exposed while performing mouth-to-mouth. Even this exposure put them into critical condition along with the other four boys. They have not reported any updates on the students but are hopeful the two exposed will be in good condition.

Another incident involves a group of girls that reported their frightening encounter with a man on TikTok to make others aware of what can happen. They reported that a half-naked man without shoes on stood in Starbucks behind them but did not order anything. Once they left, they tried to sit at a table, yet the man sat suspiciously close to them. They decided to leave to get away and the man began to sprint after them. Videos were taken to prove that the man was in the wrong and the cops ended up having to tase the man. The girls expressed how terrified they were that they may be sex-trafficked or sexually assaulted. This incident portrays the dangers of sex-trafficking in Miami and even in any other location.

This spring break has had many memorable experiences for college students whether it was in terrible ways or enjoyable ways. These incidents show just how dangerous attracting places like Fort Lauderdale and Miami can be. High school students can go into their spring break with the knowledge of how to be aware of their surroundings and make smart choices on their trips whether its’s to the beach or in their backyard.