The Cinderella Story


Jane Taylor

So far, one of the biggest upsets of March Madness was the St. Peter’s Peacocks and their amazing wins. Kentucky was the number two seed and everyone counted on them winning against the number 15 seed, the St. Peter’s Peacocks.

If you are from Kentucky, you might’ve also heard about the small school, Murray State, with a chance that Kentucky would be playing them in the tournament. This game would’ve been very fun to watch, especially if you are from Paducah or Murray. The game that actually happened in the second round of March Madness was Murray State versus the St. Peter’s Peacocks. The Peacocks outdid themselves and won against Murray State University, the number seven seed.

The game after Murray State consisted of the Peacocks and the Purdue Boilermakers, and they had a great showdown and the Peacocks won again! The Peacocks have become the first number 15 seed in NCAA Tournament history to make it to the Elite 8. The Peacocks played again on March 27 against the eight seed, North Carolina. The Peacocks had an extravagant loss against North Carolina, and lost their winning streak. The final score was 69-49, UNC beating them by 20 points. The Peacocks had a great run, and I hope to see them outplay everyone next year in the tournament.