Taking on the Oscars

Maliyah Jones

The 94th annual Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, was held this past Sunday in Los Angeles. This award ceremony is to recognize the great skill, artistic ability and talent of those in the film industry. These awards are highly regarded and one of the most prestigious in the entertainment industry. 

There were several nominees and winners that were recognized Sunday night. “CODA” received the award for best picture and best adapted screenplay, “Encanto” won best animated feature, and Will Smith won best actor with in role in “King Richard” and many more.  

Speaking of Will Smith, things got heated when comedian, Chris Rock, made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith that rubbed Smith the wrong way. Smith proceeded to walk onstage and slap Rock for the comment he made. This moment taking place on live television shocked the audience and the rest of the world watching. Despite the chaos that occurred it was a wonderful night that many enjoyed.   

This night gave everyone a chance to celebrate the accomplishments in the film industry and has become a significant part of not only American, but worldwide culture.  Many students that are interested in film watch this ceremony in hopes that will be them one day.