NBA Playoffs This Week

Coy Booker

NBA Playoffs This Week

The NBA Playoffs are right around the corner! The play-in tournament takes place Tuesday, April 12, through Wednesday, April 13. The NBA Playoffs are scheduled to begin Saturday, April 16. This NBA season has been nothing shy of a rollercoaster.  

The Eastern Conference top-three teams are as follows; 1st: Miami Heat, 2nd: Boston Celtics, 3rd: Milwaukee Bucks. Milwaukee will look to defend their title as 2021 NBA Champions, backed by Giannis Antetokounmpo. The top-three Western Conference teams are as follows; 1st: Phoenix Suns, 2nd: Memphis Grizzlies, 3rd: Golden State Warriors. 

Power Rankings this season have gone all over the place. However, one constant is the Phoenix Suns franchise breaking record. As of right now, the Suns sit at an impressive 64-18 record. This team has undoubtedly proved that their NBA Finals appearance last year was no fluke. They are expected to again make a deep playoff run this season. 

Stay tuned during the 2022 NBA Playoffs this week! It’s undoubtedly sure to be a great time!