Jack Harlow’s Upcoming Album


Jane Taylor

Jack Harlow is a recent rising star in the rap industry. Because he was born and raised in Louisville, he is very popular to many across the state. Breaking stereotype, he offers a break from the typical southern country culture in Kentucky as Harlow’s rap style, and even his skin color offset him from other artists.

An interesting fact that also sets him apart from other artists nowadays is that all of his music is self-written, while many others perform music that is written for them. The hand-written lyrics make you think about what he is saying to you which overall gives more meaning to his songs.

For example, one of my favorite lines from Harlow is the line, “Bluegrass girl but she got big dreams.” If you are a girl in the state of Kentucky like me, this can especially be appreciated but is really inspiring for any of his listeners no matter who you are.

Harlow has recently announced that he plans to release a new studio album, following the release of his last studio album in 2020, “That’s What They All Say.” Harlow has released four single albums since the release  “That’s What They All Say.” “Industry Baby,” one of the singles off the album, featured Lil Nas X, and the song became a chart-topper for both artists. On April 6, he released his first song from the album called “First Class.”

The  new album, “Come Home The Kids Miss You,” will drop on May 6 according to Harlow’s recent Instagram post. The album will contain 15 songs, but a time length has not been given yet.

Put it on your calendar for the star’s best album yet!