Coffee Recommendations

Dana Hernandez

Etcetera Coffeehouse: This is my all time after school study time favorite. It’s also good for weekend mornings with families. The vibe at Etcetera is really homey and cozy. My drinks from Etcetera are usually the strawberry banana smoothie, pomegranate tea (iced only) and a Spanish latte.

Pipers: This is my morning favorite. The vibe at Pipers is like a downtown city. I go every morning before school, and they are so zip zippy fast. The items I get from Pipers are the caramel latte and in the summer an orchard tea (iced only).

The 505: I don’t go to 505 too often but their regular lattes are really good. Their vibe is very cool and  chill. They also sell quiche and bakery items which are really good. 

Starbucks (Starbies): Starbucks is just too good. I mean the vibe is really like a clean professional vibe. The line is always just too long. My favorite drinks are raspberry lemonade tea, caramel latte and iced oatmilk shaken espresso.

Dunkin’: If you get Dunkin’ it is simply just a no. The only thing I like from Dunkin’ is the fact that they don’t mix the sugar and I like drinking straight sugar.