How to Finish the School Year Strong

Maliyah Jones

Since it’s now fourth quarter, the end of the school year is approaching. At this point many students start to lose motivation and focus. The anticipation of the summer starts to rise, and many become restless. With school work, AP tests and upcoming finals, stress and anxiety also rise for many students. For these reasons, its imperative that students put in the extra work and time to finish out this school year strong. Here are just a few tips that will help students make it through the school year easily and efficiently.

  • Incorporate a study routine. Examples may include study groups, flashcards as well as practicing and reviewing the content. This will help students be prepared for tests and exams, which will help raise grades.
  • Get a good night’s rest. This will ensure students are well rested for the next morning at school. Getting rest is important so the students are attentive, actively learning and comprehending the content during class.
  • Set goals. Having small stepping stones will help students stay motivated. Taking it on little by little is key so students don’t get overwhelmed.

The last quarter is often one of the hardest for many students. Staying on top of work and responsibilities may be a challenge but will make the year go by smoother. Using all of these tips in unison will help students preform better, raise grades, maintain motivation and stay focused.