Morgan Wallen’s Recent Single Album Drops

Jane Taylor

Since Morgan Wallen’s most recent album drop, “Dangerous: The Double Album,” he has since released many hit singles. “Goin’ Nowhere” featured one of his close friends, HARDY, and was more of HARDY’s style than Wallen’s laidback country blues. This song was not as popular as lots of Wallen’s singles he released, but mainly because Morgan was only a feature in this song.

Much later, Wallen released “Don’t Think Jesus,” which was ironically released on Good Friday, two days before Easter Sunday. “Don’t Think Jesus” seemed like an ode to all of the mistakes Wallen has made and repeatedly says, “I don’t think Jesus done it that way.” He really seemed to pour out his feelings in this song and shows his feelings toward his beliefs.

Wallen’s next song, “Thought You Should Know” was released on Mother’s Day. Written by Morgan Wallen, this song seemed almost like he was writing a letter to his mom, but in song form. It is very heart-felt and definitely shows that Wallen is a momma’s boy.

On May 13, Morgan Wallen’s birthday, Wallen is releasing a long-awaited song by many fans called “You Proof.”

Those who follow him on his famous Tiktok platform probably know that he has been playing small segments of the song to draw in followers. This was a very smart business tactic and it even became a trending sound on the Tiktok platform for awhile. Many, (including me), have been longing to be able to overplay the song just in time for summer. I am really excited for this drop, and I believe it will be very popular!