How to Better Accept Change

Ashlyn Story

Nothing in life is meant to stay the same forever. Although it often seems very difficult or even impossible to accept the changes and the seemingly constant opening and closing of doors, it is possible with the right mindset.

For some people, accepting change and “going with the flow” comes naturally, but for others, it may prove more difficult and evoke strong emotions, and that’s okay. To these people: you are not alone. The fear of change is one of the most common fears people face.

The majority of people fear change because they are intimidated by its uncertainty. The most important thing to keep in mind is that change is inevitable, and changes in life must occur in order for us to change and grow as humans. Some changes are completely unexpected and there is no way to know when they are coming or how to prepare for them. When facing these types of changes, don’t try to ignore them, but also keep from trying to work out every aspect of what you’re facing. Find the positives in the change and work out only what you can control. If it’s out of your hands, keep it out of your head, and stay kind and forgiving to yourself.

For changes you are expecting and know are coming towards you, start preparing for it as much as you can in every aspect, especially mentally. Imagine all the positive possibilities that could be waiting for you and try not to dwell on any negative possibilities. Overthinking and worrying about things that have not yet happened or are out of your control does not help you. Allow change to let your best qualities and strengths to shine through and allow yourself to learn and grow.