Students Should Reduce Stress by Practicing Self-Care


Kate Bidwell

Senior Sage Hoffman practices self-care by taking a quick nap.

Kate Bidwell

Practicing self-care is more than meditating and having a spa day. Self-care is taking time to check in with yourself and de-stress. It is especially important for high schoolers to practice self-care because our lives are filled with challenging schoolwork, application deadlines, and time-consuming extracurriculars. Since these can be difficult to balance, it is important to prioritize taking care of yourself. 

A simple self-care method is napping. Taking a thirty-minute nap will help you decompress and wake up refreshed for the rest of the day. If you like to listen to music while you sleep, put on a relaxing playlist and drift off. Be sure to set an alarm so you do not oversleep! 

Another way to practice self-care is taking study breaks. If you work for several hours in a row, you will become tired and lose motivation. Taking occasional ten-minute pauses will help you refocus. You can use this time to get a snack, take a quick walk, or talk to a friend. No matter how you spend your study break, make sure you are taking the time to focus on an activity you enjoy. 

Finally, the most important aspect of practicing self-care is showing yourself love and grace. It is normal to be stressed about schoolwork and deadlines, but it is important to know you will be okay despite your worries. Please be kind to yourself and know you are enough, just as you are.