Teachers Give Students Advice for a Successful Start


Kylie Caruthers

Mrs. Boyd sets up a chemistry experiment.

Coy Booker

The first week of school is complete. With the 22-23 school year starting, there can be many questions and concerns about what is to come. Tilghman is a place where everyone can act as a resource for each other. Some of us are confused and don’t know where to go for certain answers. Teachers have been here for many years and know what to expect. Therefore, I’ve chosen to reach out to some of them to see what advice they may have to begin the new year.

First up is Mr. Morse. Mr. Robert Morse has been teaching English and Literature at Paducah Tilghman for eight years now. His advice for incoming freshman is for them “to learn the traditions and activities we have here at Tilghman, and to quickly become acquainted with each one.”

Morse said his favorite Tilghman tradition is the D.C trip that his American Studies class takes each year. “I might be a little biased,” said Morse, “however, I also like Mayfield week!” Mr. Morse is in room 111 and has seen many students come and go. We appreciate him for his contribution to excellence here a Tilghman!

Next up is our beloved chemistry teacher Mrs. Boyd. She has been at Tilghman for two years now and already has made an impact in so many students’ lives. When asked what advice she would give to seniors preparing for the next step she said, “You don’t have to know your play-by-play perfectly. Some seniors know exactly what they’re doing and where they are going, but we also have some who don’t know where they want to be. Wherever you are, be the best version of you.”

Mrs. Boyd’s room is located upstairs in room 215. Even though she’s fairly new here at Tilghman, she’s already shown so much spirit and drive to make our school a better place.

Teachers like Mr. Morse and Mrs. Boyd are just a small sample of the resources we have here at Tilghman. There are teachers and administrators around every corner who are willing to lend a helping hand. Don’t be afraid to reach out during school about any concerns or questions you may have about this long road ahead of you. Tilghman is full of friendly faces and we are all here to lift up one another.