The Art Part

Lily Bugg (10), Visual Art: Lily is working on a block print to start their sophomore year. Watching Lily’s process is just as cool as the product. “Right now I’m doing red, with more red,” Lily explains while printing,” but I have plans to do it with different colored ink and paper.” They mention their idea for a black and white print they later made after the interview; so I chose to feature it as well. Their inspiration came from old, intricate, Victorian wallpaper. Also, since the interview, they have used the design to create a custom wallpaper for an accent wall in their room. To commission Lily or support their work check them out on Instagram @creaturefe4ture.

Sage Hoffman

Tilghman’s tradition of excellence continues today in many departments. I don’t think the art department gets enough praise for upholding this value, especially the students themselves. Student have made countless pieces in the art room since it’s move into the Innovation Hub. Not everyone will get to see them though due to the location of the art room, past steam in the hub. So, I’m highlighting student artwork so they can get more reach and give us some insight into their piece. And, maybe, inspire some students to join and create something of their own. If you’d like to make anything like what you’ve seen here, consider taking an art class. Art classes are open to all grades, and classes are instructed by Mr. Romang in the Innovation Hub.