Paducah Tilghman Unveils New Football Field


Haddon Shively

After months of hard work, Tilghman’s football field is finally ready to be unveiled to the public.

Haddon Shively

With high school sports seasons about to go underway, a long-awaited renovation to the Paducah Tilghman High School football field has recently been finalized.

Production in cooperation with the Hellas Construction Company started in late April of this year, and they have been working with due diligence over the summer months to get the field ready before Tilghman’s home opener against McCracken County High School. With the implementation of the companies Geo Plus organic infill, the Tilghman athletes will now be playing on a completely synthetic turf field.

When taking into consideration the benefits of switching from the traditional grass fields in favor or turf, the athletes at Paducah Tilghman will now be able to play on the field in any condition all year round, now not having to worry about grass conditions.

Superintendent Donald Shively echoed this sentiment. “An artificial turf means expanding its use possibilities to 365 days a year,” he said.

More sports will now be able to be played on the new field, and in addition, the track surrounding the field also received an upgrade.

There should be no doubts of the quality of the field in regards to the prior work of the Hellas Construction company, with their work spanning cross country, even providing service for AT&T Arena and SOFI Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams and Chargers respectively.