New Flag Football Team in Paducah

Jane Taylor

Powderpuff football has recently become popular throughout Paducah. Many new teams have formed due to many girls wanting to play football.

Powderpuff football is much different than regular football that you may watch on TV, though. For example, the NFL has lots of equipment like helmets, shoulder pads and mouth guards to protect players from tackling and sacks. Powderpuff football players, however, do not wear any of these things because there is no tackling involved, only tagging. This makes it much cheaper to play and make teams, and because of that Tilghman students have come together to make their own team.

The new team, called Electric Shock, is not school-affiliated, but is composed of many Tilghman girls in ninth through 12th grades. This is the first year of Electric Shock’s team, and the teammates will learn a variety of football plays and learn how to work together to learn a sport that is usually meant for boys. This team is a big opportunity for girls to learn more about the sport of football because, for the first time, girls at Tilghman can play football.

Player Faith McGee (12) said, “The vibes and the teamwork is great. It’s fun that we can learn and work together, while still having fun.”

There is a$25 for jerseys, and practices are on Mondays and Thursdays. Our first game is Oct. 1, so come show out and learn to play some football with us!

Be sure to contact Tamia Gaines at 270-564-6404 for more information or if you have any questions.