PTHS Drama Announces Cast List for Anastasia


Leon dos Remedios

Seniors Alayna Watkins and Amarie Smith have been cast in the lead roles for the upcoming play “Anastasia.”

Leon dos Remedios

The PTHS Drama Department has just announced their cast for this year’s upcoming play, “Anastasia.”

Based on the popular 1997 Disney film, the play centers around Anastasia Romanov, the missing Grand Duchess. Now an amnesiac named Anya, she goes on an adventure to rediscover her past in Paris alongside ex-aristocrat Dmitry.

This year, the title character’s role goes to Alayna Watkins, a senior member of the PTHS Choir, who describes her character as “determined, loyal, intuitive, and fearless.”

Alongside her stars Amarie Smith, another senior member of the PTHS Choir, as Dmitry. Other cast members include Anakin Womble (11) as Vlad, Landon Hinz (9) as Gleb, Anna Losher (12) as the Dowager Empress, Addie Franklin (12) as Odette, and Jensen Knudsen (12) as Lily.

Members of the ensemble cast include Darrel Bass (12), Jacob Julian (11), Leyton Morris (9), Nathan Franklin (9), Julian Washington (9), Creighton Wade (9), Kenya Wade (10), JaNiya Hart (10), Eliza Esper (9), Katie Irick (9), Ashlyn Cook (9), Sarah Hill (10), Cidney Bertrand (11), Kennedy Franklin (10), Jada Meadows (9), Cadance Leindecker (9) and Isabelle Gutierrez (9), all of whom are also cast in other character roles outside of the ensemble. The play is scheduled to show from Nov. 18-20, 2022.