Foreign Exchange Student Experience Life at Tilghman


This is Carla from Italy.

Kylie Caruthers, Staff Writer

This year at Tilghman we have the opportunity to welcome multiple foreign exchange students from all over the world!

One of them is Carla Montana from Sicily, Italy, who stays with her host mom. Her opinion on America is “it’s every girl or boy’s dream because we watch films, and we see America like another reality. It’s so much different than our life, school, and habits, so it is very cool.” She likes Tilghman so far and her favorite experience is “the opportunity to make friends in every class.”

Carla plays on our varsity volleyball team. “It’s very good and I think if I didn’t play, I would probably have less friends than I have now,” she said.

Another exchange student is Maud from Metz, France. Her opinion of America is “it is not exactly the same as France but there are similarities.”

She likes Tilghman and says the classes are more interesting because she can choose her courses while in France she cannot.

She is also plays on our JV volleyball team. “It is really cool, and all the teammates are really kind.”

She said she does not miss France yet, but in the nine months she’s here, she thinks she will eventually.

With this bit of background knowledge be sure to say, “Hi,” in the hallway!