Transfer Students Find New Home at Tilghman


Shep Esper

Sophomores Myrick Livingston and Austin Brazzell, along with junior Jamey Harris all transferred to Tilghman from McCracken this year.

Shep Esper

Several students have transferred from McCracken to Tilghman this year including Myrick Livingston (10), Austin Brazzell (10) and Jamey Harris (11). I decided to interview the three of them and see what they enjoy about their new school. 

First, I talked to Myrick Livingston. This is his first year at the school after spending last year at McCracken. Livingston’s favorite part of Tilghman so far has been the football games and Mayfield week. He moved to Tilghman because he wanted a change of environment, and he met a lot of new friends from Tilghman over the summer. I asked him if there is a major difference in the schools and he said that Tilghman is a lot harder academically due to harder material in classes, and he went on to say that he feels like he is getting a better education at Tilghman. 

Next, I interviewed Austin Brazzell. He is currently in his first year at Tilghman after spending his last year at McCracken. Brazzell’s favorite part of Tilghman so far has been how everyone has so much pride in the school. He moved to Tilghman after seeing our school’s pride and for better opportunities. When asked if there is a big difference is Tilghman and McCracken he was quick to answer that the pride and love for the school is miles better at Tilghman. 

Last, I interviewed Jamey Harris. He is in his second year at Tilghman after attending McCracken his freshman year. His favorite part of Tilghman so far has been basketball season and Mayfield week. Harris moved to Tilghman after meeting a lot of friends From Tilghman and he wanted somewhere new to go. I asked him if there was any big difference in the schools he said that the environment and tradition is amazing and better at Tilghman.