Double Block: Tips and Benefits

Includes articles with Teachers from the sophomore double block teachers.

Kylie Caruthers

Paducah Tilghman offers a double block class for sophomores and juniors for history and language arts. Sophomores specifically take Pre-AP Literature with Mr. Morse and AP World History Jaret Nantz. They teach a class designed to be like a college freshman course. If you’re taking or plan on taking this class here are some tips on success.

Mr. Nantz says this year a handful of his students are struggling with tests and quizzes, but the homework is keeping them afloat. “It’s challenging but its not overly hard yet,” he said. The difficulty will help prepare for college and other AP classes. Tips from him on his course would be don’t procrastinate, study well ahead of time, do all your work, pay attention and do what he asks.

Mr. Morse said a few of his students are struggling because of the gaps due to COVID-19, but from current sophomores I’ve heard he is trying to meet them halfway for success in his class. He said his class is worth it and he has seen students who are extremely prepared for college. His tip for the class is, “Stick with it and stay focused and determined with an eyes-on-the-prize mentality.”

For me, personally, as a junior who is taking the second year, the class is worth it. I believe it has prepared me truly for the level of difficulty in not just these AP classes, but many others as well.

If you’re considering taking it I say, give it a shot and if you’re considering dropping it, stick with it, because it will pay off in the long run of your high school career.