The Health of our People or the Wealth of Our Nation? 

Aneeza Ali

People often must worry about ER visits, hospital bills, and the cost of medicine over their own health and safety. As a citizen of the United States, we pledge our allegiance to the flag, but how can we pledge our allegiance to a nation that prioritizes paper over human beings?   

By providing our capable-enough nation with free healthcare, people would be entitled to a system of treatment control and disease prevention with equal access for all. We are entitled to our rights, simply by the nature of our being, because we are all human. Human rights consist of culture, religion, race, socioeconomic status and nationality. Healthcare should not be a commodity, but a necessity. Without human rights, we as people are not able to enjoy a life with dignity or even an expectation of a future.   

According to “Healthcare was listed in the Second Bill of Rights drafted by Franklin Delano Roosevelt.” Additionally, Article 25 of our Constitution ensures the essential right to health, so why does it seem as if we have been given empty promises? Healthcare is not subjective, nor should it belong only to those who can afford it. If our nation were able to provide healthcare to everyone in need, just imagine how many lives we would save.  

To obtain a heart transplant in the United States, it costs $1,664,480 for a vital organ that can save someone’s life within seconds. This cost does not even include childcare, a place to stay and transportation that might hinder a person from living on a day-to-day basis after a major surgery. If healthcare was treated as a basic human right, then those who are not able to afford this cost would be able to receive treatment as they please.   

The main debate that counterattacks this conversation is that “we have to pay more taxes” or “I don’t want to give my money away for that.” Think about how many lives you will benefit if you just agree to pay a small tax that will probably benefit you in the future. It’s something to think about and fall back on, so give It some consideration on how you can have an impact on the world today.