Rod Wave’s Trending New Album

Rod Waves Trending New Album

Reagan Hartman

Rod Wave’s new album, “Beautiful Mind,” which came out this year, is quickly becoming a top album worldwide. He claims that this will be his last “sad” album, but these songs are far from sad. His songs reach the depths of physical, financial and emotional pain. His new album touches on a lot of new subjects — lost love, bad memories, money, haters and so much more.

Jane Taylor (11) said, “I absolutely love this album, and it is one of my favorites of his. Some of my favorite songs from this album are ‘Sweet Little Lies,’ ‘Alone,’ and ‘Yungen’ featuring Jack Harlow. The Jack Harlow feature was a big surprise to me, and I love the fact that he and Rod Wave collaborated.”

Kylie Caruthers (11) simply stated, “I love it,” in response to his new album.

Personally, this album is one of my favorites. l repeatedly listen to “Yungen,” “Alone,” “Sweet Little Lies,” and “Cold December Lies.” Collaborating with Jack Harlow on this album was a big shock, but I believe it has made this album so much better. Go listen to Rod Wave’s new album, “Beautiful Mind,” if you haven’t already!