HOSA Hosts First Breast Cancer Awareness Walk


Aneeza Ali

HOSA President Kayleigh Powell (12) and Mr. McKinely pose for a picture shortly before beginning the walk.

Ashlyn Story

On Friday, Oct. 21, Paducah Tilghman’s HOSA club hosted their  first ever Breast  Cancer Awareness Walk. HOSA is a club dedicated to students who are interested in a health science career, and Tilghman’s chapter has decided to dedicate a lot of their time to service and spreading awareness in the school and community. The Breast Cancer Awareness Walk was dedicated to all those who may be currently battling, battled or have someone in their lives affected by cancer. Admissions and donations benefitted PT’s HOSA chapter.

The walk was a great success and had a wonderful turnout of Tilghman students and staff, as well as community members. Participants were given bracelets, pins, candy, water bottles and keychains as gifts to help further spread awareness. Included in the walk participants was guest speaker Mr. McKinely who honored his sister and lead a prayer before the walking started.

“Breast cancer has greatly impacted our community,” said HOSA president Kayleigh Powell (12). “This walk is very important to me because both my mom and grandpa had cancer and I want to help people battling the same battle my mom did.” Breast cancer affects one in 8 women, meaning 12.9 percent of women born in the United States will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives. These statistics are why awareness and support are such crucial factors in women’s battles.

HOSA club would like to thank everyone who came out to support on Friday and hopes that everyone recognizes how appreciated their participation and help in raising awareness is.