Michael Jackson: Mr. Eternal

Coy Booker

Thirteen-time Grammy award winner, Grammy Legend award winner, six-time Brit award winner, five-time Billboard Music award winner and 24-time American Music award winner. This award lineup could only belong to the most influential artist of all time, Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson influenced the world both musically and culturally. Breaking records and overcoming adversities, he set the path for modern celebrities and leaders today. Michael Jackson is by far the greatest entertainer to have ever lived, and I don’t see anyone outdoing him anytime soon. 

As far as musicality goes, no one has ever been as successful as Michael Jackson. Even from age 11, he set the record for youngest artist to top the Billboard 100 chart. Some might even say he was born with this gift. Michael had a way of almost putting his audience in a trance with his music. Ranging from rock to R&B, Jackson was truly a man of many talents. His style of music and influence in the music world will never die. 

Not only was Jackson a one in a million artist, but he also worked to make the world a better place. He spent lots of time and money toward non-profit organizations and charities.  

Jackson once said, “I’m interested in making a path, instead of following a trail, and that’s what I want to do in life-in everything I do.”   

This was a man set on following his dream and changing the world around him. He wanted to make the world a place full of love, and his music did just that for millions of people. Jackson’s legacy will continue to live on and be appreciated by fans around the world.