NFL Conference Championships Determine Super Bowl Battle

The NFL Conference Championships are the penultimate round of the NFL playoffs, with the winners of each conference (AFC and NFC) advancing to the Super Bowl. In the AFC Championship, the top-seeded team will face off against the second-seeded team, while in the NFC Championship, the first-seeded team will play against the third-seeded team. The matchups for the conference championships are determined by the results of the divisional round games, which take place the previous weekend.  

 Recently on Sunday, Jan. 29, there were two big matchups. One of the matchups was between the San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles. That game was played in Philadelphia and was a very intense matchup. Early into the match, the 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy went out of the game with an elbow injury. Then, the fourth string quarterback Josh Johnson had to come in and try to take the game into his own hands. While the Eagles had a lot of success with wide receiver Devonta Smith having one touchdown very early in the game, which put the Eagles up by seven points. After that, the Eagles didn’t stop, and ended up winning that game 31-7. Quarterback Jalen Hurts contributed to the win with 275 throwing yards and 24 rushing yards.  

 The second game was the Kansas City Chiefs against the Cincinnati Bengals. This is the second year in a row these two teams have met in the conference championship. In the past year the Bengal’s ended up winning, so this game was personal for the Chiefs. During the game Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw for 275 yards and three touchdowns and had two interceptions. Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow threw for 250 yards and two touchdowns. The difference in this game was that the Chiefs’ defense stepped up in the fourth quarter and got a clutch stop for the Chiefs to the get the ball and kick a field goal to end up making their way to the Super Bowl.