Student Council Crush for Your Crush


Abigail Wurth

The Paducah Tilghman High School student council is currently running their second annual Crush for Your Crush fundraiser. Student council members will be in every lunch up until Feb. 13. Students may buy Crushes for $1 each and hand write a note to the recipient. From there, the student council will label all the Crushes and deliver them on Valentines Day.  

This fundraiser helps the student council with all that they do for the school. Some things that student council funds are homecoming decorations, crowns, sashes and flowers for the homecoming court, and coffee and snacks in the teachers lounge. Student council also donates to community organizations such as Starfish.  

Let’s make Valentine’s Day great with a Crush for Your Crush from student council and help support them in all the wonderful things they do for our school.