‘Avatar: Way of the Water’ Doesn’t Disappoint

Avatar: Way of the Water Doesnt Disappoint

Coy Booker

The sequel to one of the highest-grossing films of all time was released on Dec. 16. “Avatar: The Way of Water” was arguably the most anticipated movie of 2022. Many questioned if the sequel could live up to its legendary predecessor, and if it could come even close to matching its box office success. On the night of its release, I decided to see for myself just how impressive this film was.  

As far as wow-factor, “Avatar: Way of the Water” did not disappoint. With breathtaking visuals and an immersive soundtrack, I was in awe for the entire film. Even though the movie is listed as three hours and 12 minutes, it felt all too short for this amazing film. Having watched the 2009Avatar” countless times, this sequel did more than live up to its legacy. This movie acted as almost a bridge between decades and a showcase of how far we’ve come in technology. With stunning effects and visuals, the story itself flowed seamlessly with the original, tying right into Jake Sully’s life as an Avatar and how he’s become one with the Omatacaya.  

This experience was beyond what I expected, and I applaud the director and effects team for their hard work. The film brought nostalgia for those of us who were around to experience the original, and a brand-new world to the younger generation.Avatar: Way of the Water” has been a total success so far, totaling 1.4 billion as of the new year. There’s no telling how much success it can have within the next few months!