Christmas Gift Lists Can Reveal Much About a Person

Fiona Caywood

As the Christmas season is coming to an end, many people are enjoying their new presents. As you walk the halls of Tilghman, you can see people showing off their new shoes, clothes, devices and whatnot. What someone puts on their Christmas list can actually tell you a lot about them. Here are a few examples: 

New Sneakers- This year, you can see people wearing fresh pairs of Dunks, 550s, Jordan’s and Uggs. If you are someone who asked for one of these shoes, you are either basic (sorry not sorry) or a sneakerhead. You want people to know that you have shoe game, even though most people wouldn’t consider Ugg Ultra Mini boots “shoe game.” Either way, you wanted to add to your look. 

Anything from Tiktok- As TikTok grows in popularity, its influence grows. Many “influencers” on TikTok show off items in hauls that inspire kids across the world to buy those items (great marketing idea). Another popular thing for TikTokers to do is something called an Amazon store front, which is basically where you can follow someone on Amazon and look through the lists they have made of products they suggest. If you are someone who got all your present inspiration from TikTok, you need to put your phone down. You probably asked for a Stanley cup, a cropped puffer vest, Aerie flair leggings, the Barefoot Dreams blanket and anything from Charlotte Tilbury. You probably have an online shopping addiction and follow Alix Earle and Darcy McQueeny of TikTok.

Money- If all you asked for this year was money, you either are extremely practical, or you don’t trust your family to buy you presents. You would rather get $50 than something from a chuegy brand that you will absolutely never use. If you asked for money to save, you probably are saving up for something too expensive to ask for as a Christmas present, or you just need money to fuel your Dunkin Donuts addiction.  

Books- Nerd alert! Just kidding you’re probably actually cool and value your education. 

Concert Tickets- Chances are that if you got concert tickets, you actually are a big fan of the band. If you got tickets to see a more underground artist, you probably have a unique and genuine music taste. If you got tickets to see bigger artists, you probably have been wanting to see them for a while and really excited to go and flex that you went to a concert. If you got Taylor Swift Tickets, you are either just like every girl literally ever and your parents are rich, or you are a die-hard fan who was willing to give up their entire Christmas and birthday for the next five years to cover the cost of the tickets.