Damar Hamlin Faces Life-Threatening Injury

Olivia Ladd

 Monday night the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills were to play each other in week 17 of the NFL regular season. The game got started but didn’t last long as things took a turn for the worse. When the game was stopped due to an injured player on the field, the Bengals were leading 7-3 at the end of only the first quarter.  

The Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin made a tackle like he would in any other game, but this was not like every other game. Seconds after making the tackle, Hamlin stood up only to collapse back onto the ground. Help was on the field immediately, and it was later revealed that he had gone into cardiac arrest. 

Later that night into the early morning, the Buffalo Bills stated the following on Hamlin’s condition: “Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest following a hit in the Buffalo Bills’ game versus the Cincinnati Bengals. His heartbeat was restored on the field, and he was transferred to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for further testing and treatment. He is currently sedated and listed in critical condition.” 

The efficiency and quickness of the medical team might be one of the reasons Hamlin is alive today. Since Monday night, family, friends, fans and teammates everywhere have shown their support to Damar Hamlin and continue to pray for him.  

As of Jan. 5, Hamlin is steadily improving and stable. According to the Bills’ website, buffalobills.com, some UC Health Physicians spoke on a Zoom call to give updates on his status. The physicians stated he has made “substantial improvement in his condition over the past 24 hours.” 

He has been able to move both his hands and feet and even write on a clipboard. Based off reports and an article by Fox News it is said that Hamlin’s breathing tube was removed Thursday night and he has been able to talk with his team, family and medical team. It seems that he is making great progress and his recovery is moving along very well.