Why Are New Year’s Resolutions So Hard to Keep?

Grace Mabry

2023 is here, which means many people are thinking of new year’s resolutions to start the new year off right. However, like every other year, people commit to things like the gym or eating healthier and then lose motivation. People make goals that they meet all the time, so why is it so difficult to keep up with the commitments made for the new year?

People tend to devote themselves to a resolution only to discover they cannot keep up with it or lose the desire to keep up with it after it becomes too difficult. Setting vague resolutions with no real goal makes it very easy to lose focus and want to quit. A new year’s resolution with no fundamental objective gives one nothing to work towards to accomplish. This causes people to feel like their efforts were wasted, which can become discouraging.

Some teachers were asked about their new year’s resolutions and what the most challenging part of sticking with the resolution would be for them. Mrs. Crivello responded, “My new year resolves to be more organized. I think it would be easier to keep up with the resolution if I would make it something less broad and more specific about what I want to organize.”

Mrs. Rowton said her new year’s resolution “is the same as last year: get healthier, get more organized and be family-focused.” When asked what the most challenging part of keeping up with her resolution, Mrs. Rowton replied, “cookies.”

In order to keep yourself motivated and prevent getting burnt out from your new year’s resolution, give your resolution a realistic, clear, attainable goal that is measurable. New Year’s resolutions are good as long as you keep a positive mindset and do not lose the drive to keep improving yourself.