‘The Watcher’ Worth a Watch


Tate Kirchhoff

On Oct. 13, 2022, the show “The Watcherdebuted on Netflix. It is a psychological horror show about a family of four who move into their dream home after living in a smaller house in New York. Whenever they move into the house, they start noticing very weird things happening around them. For example, they notice that their neighbors. One of the neighbors is Pearl Winslow, a slightly older woman who is very creepy. She likes to walk into their house unannounced. Her brother Jasper Winslow is also a very creepy man who has problems and finds a way into their house and enjoys the dumbwaiter and scares their children in it. 

“The Watcher” finds a way to make everyone in the story a possible suspect for writing a weird letter threatening the family’s life and house. The show never has a dull moment, and it seems to keep whoever is watching the show intrigued and never zoned out trying to figure out who is doing what in the story.  

The show also has other oddities, such as whenever all the weird stuff was happening, a young man installs cameras around the house. The family’s daughter seemed to like him, and he felt the same way, which put him on the suspect list. 

When the detective they hired in the beginning told them she had cancer it made her more eager to figure out the case and all that had happened in the show before the cancer spread and she passed away. Whenever the story came closer to an end, she was put in the hospital, and she confessed to the owners that she was “The Watcher” and the one responsible for all the weird things appening. After she died, they still had a lot of unanswered questions.  

She went to the detective’s funeral and asked her sister if she knew the answers. The sister said that the detective really wasn’t the watcher, and that she just wanted peace for the family and not to leave a case unsolved before she passed. 

This show was based on a real-life event. The case to this day is still unsolved. A family member from the house said “I am glad the show is showing more awareness to the case, so it is never forgotten”